Love it or loathe it, Valentine鈥檚 Day is almost upon us.

Every Valentine鈥檚 Day there are always two types of people: those that argue it is too commercial and the others who fully commit to the occasion.

Here in Liverpool, there鈥檚 plenty to do to keep both sides of the argument happy.

From alternative nights out for those who aren鈥檛 into it, to the most romantic restaurant and gift ideas, this ultimate guide will have your Valentine鈥檚 Day sorted.

For the romantics...

If you鈥檙e looking for a way to sweep your other half off their feet then why not treat them to a romantic meal?

There are plenty of Liverpool restaurants offering special Valentine's discount menus and offers.

There鈥檚 lots to choose from such as the Shankly Hotel, PANAM, Sugar Hut, What鈥檚 Cooking and much more.

For the full list of the best Valentine鈥檚 menus and offers in Liverpool, click here.

More deals that may appeal to you

It鈥檚 not just food that is on offer this Valentine鈥檚 Day, there are plenty of events and activities too.

How about a relaxing spa day? Or a an adventure packed afternoon at Go Ape?

If you want to make this year special then why not check out even more offers, here.

How to impress your other half鈥?/h3>

If you want to please the Scouse lady in your life but don鈥檛 know where to start, don鈥檛 worry, we鈥檝e got you covered.

Here is a roundup of some of Liverpool鈥檚 best gift ideas for that lovely lady in your life.

Many of these ideas can also be ordered last minute, should any of you need a helping hand.

If you鈥檙e struggling to find the perfect present for the man in your life we have the roundup for you.

From those obsessed with football to music lovers and the well groomed, we have selected gifts for everyone.

If you need a helping hand, check out the gifts on offer for men here.

Morrisons are selling oysters for 25p this Valentine's, impress your loved one with this aphrodisiac:

What to do if you鈥檙e not into the romantics?

Not everyone is into grand gestures, public displays of affection of cute cuddly teddy bears.

Just because you鈥檙e not into the romantics doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 still take part in Valentine鈥檚 Day.

There is still plenty you can do to have a laugh and a good time in Liverpool

From comedy shows to casino nights and speed dating, there鈥檚 something for everyone.

Find out all the alternative Valentine鈥檚 nights going on here.

Club nights you won鈥檛 want to miss

Photograph from Anthony Mooney, MED

Nobody does romance with a more mischievous glint in its eye than the city鈥檚 LGBT community.

If you鈥檙e looking for a brilliant night out on Valentine鈥檚 night or during the weekend leading up to it, here are a few ideas of where to go .

How do you avoid it all together?

Not everyone is going to enjoy it, let's be honest.

But if you are still not convinced about the whole thing it doesn鈥檛 have to get you down.

Here鈥檚 a list of things you can do to avoid it like the plague and be happy without it.