Aritsane is the new patisserie that is bringing a taste of France to Liverpool city centre.

There is already a successful branch on Woolton Road and the new addition to Bold Street comes from the team behind The French Corner, a speciality bakery in Aintree supplying traditional produce to restaurants.

Artisane will open on Wednesday, March 15.

Here is some tasty treats you鈥檒l be able to get from the independent patisserie.

Freshly made sandwiches

Since Artisane on Woolton Road began selling deli favourites they haven鈥檛 looked back.

Now they offer a huge selection of sandwiches and the real beauty is that each sandwich is made from specially made Artisane bread.

They offer chicken on an Artisane baguette, salt beef on rye and many more options - all made in house.


A croissant is always a good idea but a handmade croissant is an even better one.

These are the best sellers at the Woolton bakery, flying out the store on a daily basis.

We expect they鈥檒l be just as popular in the new Bold Street store due to their buttery flavour and texture.

Eclair selection

Who doesn鈥檛 love an eclair?

Artisane has an array of different flavours to tickle any tastebuds. From classic vanilla to chocolate, coffee, lemon, white chocolate and cardamom, to name just a few.

They look almost too good to eat but make sure you do - you won鈥檛 regret it.


The chef at Artisane has perfected the filling and flavours of their pies.

Everything from the pastry to what's beneath it is handmade fresh.

There鈥檚 plenty of pies to choose between - from classic beef and vegetable to chicken and new vegetarian options too.

The cauliflower and cheese pie is described as 'a must try'.

Bears paw (pattes d'ours)

These pastries are a weekend special but they are worth the wait.

There is flaky pastry, lots of chocolate, creme patisserie and a slice of pear鈥?making the weekend that little bit more enjoyable.


This classic is loved by many and it鈥檚 easy to see and taste why.

The Italian meringue is layered with raspberry, choux chantilly and Genoise sponge.

It鈥檚 definitely a special treat that will have you coming back for more.

Artisane baguettes

It鈥檚 made to a special, secret recipe and sold only in the Woolton and new Bold Street shops.

The Artisane baguette is a combination of white and sourdough flour and the bakers behind the bread say it鈥檚 a must have accompaniment to almost any meal.


These bite sized macarons come in a range of flavours from chocolate to coconut, salted caramel, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, pistachio, vanilla鈥?the list seems endless.

They are handmade by the patisserie team and once you start it鈥檚 really hard to stop.


Chouquettes are especially popular with the kids although we bet they鈥檒l be loved by plenty of adults too.

Artisane鈥檚 chouquettes are bite sized hollow pastry balls covered in sugar - they鈥檙e so simple but so tasty.

They can be bought from Artisane individually or in bags of 10.

Birthday cakes

Each of the patisserie cakes can be made into personalised birthday cakes.

They can be individually decorated with a handwritten, personalised message for any occasion.