I was very happy with the way St Helens started the game against Warrington last Friday and I feel it laid the platform for our eventual 31-6 win.

We controlled the ball better than we generally have this season early on and that meant we had good energy in everything we did.

I鈥檓 struggling to remember Warrington having any attacking ball at our end of the field in that first 40 minutes which is really pleasing.

Overall, it was probably the best we鈥檝e played this season in terms of being consistent for long periods within a match.

Our attack looked good at times and allied to our defence, which I鈥檝e been reasonably pleased with all season, we look like a decent side.

The return of Matty Smith at scrum-half was a boost and gives us confidence in our midfield direction.

St Helens 31-6 Warrington - Contrasting fortunes as Saints come alive

Obviously, Warrington are still nowhere near their best.

The problem with being out of form and going on a losing streak is the way it eats away at confidence.

The Wolves are looking fairly low on self-belief right now and there鈥檚 a tendency to look in every nook and cranny to find the missing ingredient.

Sometimes you can over-analyse things and maybe that鈥檚 where Warrington are right now.

It鈥檚 a pretty simple sport really. You鈥檝e got to talk to each other and all defend together - and when you鈥檝e got the ball, find space.

Easy to say, I know.

Salford remind me of the old Wigan way

With my friend and business partner Mark Flanagan playing for Salford, I鈥檝e been keeping a particular eye on them this season.

Saints play them at the AJ Bell Stadium tomorrow night and we know they鈥檙e a team playing with a lot of confidence.

The Salford style reminds me very much of the way Wigan played under Michael Maguire a few years back.

Maybe it鈥檚 because my former Saints teammate Martin Gleeson is on the coaching staff and he played at Wigan under Maguire.

Jon Wilkin: We'll just keep on striving

They seem to have adopted a very similar attacking shape which keeps you on your toes.

We need to be at our best defensively because they鈥檙e some of the best ball carriers in Super League.

Tommy showing his worth

Tommy Makinson has undoubtedly been one of St Helens鈥?best players this season.

He鈥檚 probably more comfortable on the wing but has been excellent while filling in for Jonny Lomax at fullback.

Jonny should be available for selection again this week which gives a great boost to our selection options.

It鈥檚 inevitable because of the physical nature of rugby league that you鈥檙e going to get injuries and when the situation is severe you sometimes have to squeeze some square-ish pegs into some round-ish holes.

Fortunately for us, Tommy seems to fit quite nicely into more than one.