A teenage burglar impersonated a cleaner to try and steal computers worth thousands of pounds from a hotel.

Daniel Tung twice struck at The Arthouse Hotel after earlier targeting The Masonic Hall in Liverpool city centre.

The 18-year-old was wanted by police at the time for failing to attend court over a home burglary in Runcorn.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Tung entered Brendan Lee鈥檚 house, after he fell asleep with his French doors unlocked, on October 4 last year.

Ffion Tomos, prosecuting, said Mr Lee woke at around 4.30am to find Tung, dressed all in black and carrying a black bag, in his living room.

He chased the burglar, who vaulted over a garden fence, escaping with a Playstation and two games worth around £190.

Tung went to C.E.X. exchange store in Widnes just after 9am, opened an account using his ID, and traded the console and one game.

He told staff they were his and received £133, but police traced the Playstation to the shop on November 10 after staff turned it on.

Tung admitted responsibility when arrested by officers, but failed to attend a police station on December 22.

He was arrested on February 7, but after pleading guilty, failed to attend court for sentencing on March 30.

Ms Tomos said he and another man then walked uninvited into The Masonic Hall at around 5.05pm on April 2.

They forced a bar door open, causing £200 of damage, stole a £20 bottle of whiskey and fled when spotted by staff.

Around 35 minutes later Tung entered The Arthouse, before a plumber spotted him carrying a £500 laptop.

Tung claimed he worked there, before escaping with the computer and a housekeeping pass.

He returned at 0.40am, stated he was a cleaner and tried to use the pass, but was stopped by worker Sarah O鈥橬eill.

The suspicious employee asked for the pass back, before following Tung as he walked out of the hotel.

Ms Tomos said: 鈥淗e stopped and turned and with his hand in his Adidas hoodie pocket, thrusted it towards her.

鈥淎s Ms O鈥橬eill did not know whether he had anything in his pocket, she began to back off.?/p>

Police were alerted and chased two men in Bold Street before catching Tung.

Staff later found a bag in the hotel鈥檚 basement containing three Apple iMacs and a bottle of whiskey, which showed Tung鈥檚 fingerprints.

Tung, of no fixed address, but formerly of Mersey Road, Widnes, admitted three counts of burglary, two of fraud and a bail act offence.

Peter Killen, defending, said his client, who has previous convictions for theft, carried out the burglaries because he had a drugs debt.

Judge Norman Wright said Ms O鈥橬eill believed Tung had a weapon and he had also confronted Mr Lee.

Handing him two years in a young offenders institution, he said: 鈥淵ou must understand that burglaries of dwelling houses are extremely serious.

鈥淚t is not the value of the property that was stolen, but the fact that people end up not feeling safe in the one place they should, namely their home.?/p>