A former boxing prodigy shot in a gangland dispute brutally attacked a stranger after he asked the way to a pub toilet.

Lee Siner , 32, of Clint Way, Edge Hill, repeatedly punched and stamped on Richard Boustead in a drunken, cocaine-fuelled frenzy.

Mr Boustead, 29, had visited Merseyside to discuss a theory with a physics professor at Liverpool University on March 14 this year.

Liverpool Crown Court heard he then decided to go for a drink at the Durning Arms pub in Wavertree Road, Edge Hill .

Christopher Taylor, prosecuting, said he asked Siner the way to the toilet and when he returned, was knocked down by the thug.

Lee Siner, 32, of Clint Way, Edge Hill, jailed for 20 months after admitting assault causing actual bodily harm

The victim said: 鈥淚 was pleading with the male to stop and said I was sorry if I had somehow offended him and I would leave, but he wouldn鈥檛 listen.

鈥淗e said nothing to me. He just continued to punch me. I have never been so terrified in my life.

鈥淚 was trying to crawl away but the male kept kicking and stamping on me. I didn鈥檛 think he was going to let me go.?/p>

Mr Taylor said he heard a barmaid shout 鈥済et off him Lee, he鈥檚 done nothing wrong鈥?but was attacked again as he fled.

Mr Boustead said: 鈥淲hile the male was punching me I felt like I was being hit by a sledgehammer.

鈥淚鈥檓 not considering visiting the area of Liverpool again.?/p>

Lee Siner as a boxer

The victim suffered a black left eye, a large wound above it, and had stitches from a previous knuckle injury ripped open.

When he was discovered by police, his face, hands and clothes were covered in blood, but no full medical report was provided.

Siner, who was still high and made no comment when arrested by police, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

Lionel Greig, defending, said his remorseful client spent two days in hospital afterwards, as a result of consuming alcohol and cocaine.

He said: 鈥淩ecollecting what he had done, he was horrified by his behaviour and the impact it caused to the complainant.?/p>

Formerly one of the top names at Liverpool鈥檚 acclaimed Salisbury ABC gym, Siner narrowly escaped with his life after being shot in October 2014.

He was chased down the street by a lone gunman and shot three times in the back after leaving a home in Maberley View, Wavertree.

Sources told the ECHO the shooting ?which happened in front of his wife and 18-month-old son ?was the result of a feud with a notorious city gangster.

Siner was also stabbed in the arm, slashed in the leg and hit with a wheel lock by three men at Kimos restaurant in Myrtle Street in 2010.

Gangster Anthony Richardson said it was revenge after Siner 鈥渒nocked out鈥?another underworld crook, James 鈥楶ancake鈥?Taylor, in Garth prison in Leyland.

Richardson was locked up for eight years, while Taylor was jailed for nine years in relation to the incident, described in court as an 鈥渦nderworld vendetta鈥?

Lee Siner

Siner was fined £100 by magistrates last year after he was caught with cocaine, when he flagged down police in Kensington and said: 鈥淚鈥檝e been on a bender.?/p>

Judge David Aubrey, QC, said he did not know whether Siner attacked Mr Boustead because of his accent, the fact he was not a regular, or just because he did not like him.

Jailing him for 20 months, he said: 鈥淎ny theory he had been discussing that day with a professor, he was now to experience reality and the ugly side of life and that, with respect, was you.

鈥淎ll he did was simply ask you where in that pub the toilet was. When he returned, you launched into him and he was at your mercy.

鈥淔ortunately for him the injuries were not as serious as they might have been. It is unlikely that he will ever wish to return to Liverpool.

鈥淟iverpool prides itself on greeting visitors and receiving visitors from elsewhere. It鈥檚 people like you who will deter visitors from coming to this wonderful city.?/p>