A handcuffed man escaped from police before climbing onto the roof of an Irish pub and hurling down slate tiles.

Dean Robinson clung to a chimney on top of the Blarney Stone, as Renshaw Street was closed during a dramatic stand-off.

The 34-year-old slipped and nearly fell before being talked down by police negotiators on Sunday, June 12 last year.

Liverpool Crown Court heard police were called to Rizzo鈥檚 off-licence in Mount Pleasant at around 6.25pm.

Officers found Robinson, of Trawden Way, Litherland, with another man inside the shop, and heard a bang as something hit the floor.

After breaking free from police, the man climbed a three-storey Irish pub on Renshaw Street

Charles Lander, prosecuting, said the bang came from a rock tucked inside a sock which had been fashioned as a makeshift weapon.

Police arrested the other man before placing Robinson in handcuffs and putting him in their car, although he had not been arrested.

He managed to get out, unfasten one of his cuffs and run away, before scaling the walls of the three-storey pub.

Mr Lander said around 60 to 70 people were inside the pub and a large crowd gathered as he started hurling down tiles.

Renshaw Street was closed for 45 minutes, affecting traffic, as he became abusive and called a witness 鈥渁 fat c***?

Dean Robinson is handcuffed at the scene
Dean Robinson is handcuffed at the scene

Mr Lander said: 鈥淗e shouted 鈥業 will show you what to do鈥? dislodged a tile on the roof and threw it towards the crowd.

鈥淚t was the officers鈥?view due to its weight that if it had landed on somebody it would have caused considerable damage.

鈥淎t one stage he was shouting that he would bring the whole building down.?/p>

The tiles landed in an unoccupied 鈥渟terile area鈥?and Robinson was talked down at around 8.10pm.

He admitted possessing an offensive weapon and affray, after failing to attend court in December.

Robinson was jailed for two weeks for the bail offence. He is now serving an eight-week sentence for theft and assault.

Charlotte Atherton, defending, said the incident 鈥渟piralled out of control鈥?

She said: 鈥淎t the time the defendant was living rough on the streets. He has been a heroin addict for a long time.

鈥淭hat is why he had the rock in the sock, as a form of self-protection, because he was in fear for his own safety.?/p>

Police and emergency services after a man was chased onto the roof of Blarney Stone on Renshaw Street

Ms Atherton said Robinson did not use the weapon and ditched it in the shop because he realised police would search him.

She said he suffered from 鈥減aranoia鈥?but had stopped taking his medication and was stressed at the time.

Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, said Robinson鈥檚 behaviour, including the carrying of the weapon, was 鈥渨holly unacceptable鈥?

Jailing him for 21 months, the judge said: 鈥淵ou say that at the time you were living rough and had it with you for your own safety, but people who walk round the streets with offensive weapons like that must expect to pay a price, if and when they are arrested.

鈥淔ortunately those slates did not strike any of the large number of people who were gathering.?/p>